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Warmed by the Sun, at MEEGAN

Anna Maria Stone

Aug 4, 2022

" connections and caring, like-minded people discussing possible solutions are exactly the medicine our world needs. "

Since the beginning of this year, Iyé Creative has been involved with the Transforming Tea and Toast program, with oversight ad support from Cowichan Greens Community, and CRFAIR. This program has allowed us to improve access to nutrient-dense, locally grown produce for seniors around the city. Program participants have been receiving either pre-ordered boxes of produce or gift certificates to the online South Island Farm Hub store, as well as gift cards to a grocery store of their choice. There's also a research component in partnership with the University of Victoria. The intention for this program is to demonstrate how improving access to high quality, local food improves seniors' nutritional habits, physical health, and feelings of social connection.

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