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The Meaningful Magic of Marketbucks ✨

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

What an enchanting evening filled with boundless joy and heartwarming reciprocity! 🌟

We stand together as a mighty team, determined to defy the prevailing notion of scarcity that plagues our society. It's not about the lack of material wealth, but rather the way it flows between us.

🛒 Think about your visit to the Farmers Market – a place where the richness of locally grown and handcrafted treasures is locked behind a high transactional exchange. It feels like a barrier, right?

But on August 31st, we embarked on a mission to break this cycle. We gifted $2,500 worth in Marketbucks to community members who may have never experienced the market otherwise. (In fact, 40% of the folks we provided Marketbucks to had never been to the Esquimalt Farmers Market before!) We wanted to ignite their spirits and take part in the market's magic in a profound and meaningful way. Recipients were emotional as they shared their gratitude with us, for being able to purchase things that normally would be out of reach.

And you know what? This isn't just about those with purchasing power; it's also about the farmers, artisans and creators who pour their hearts into crafting and growing beautiful products. We witnessed vendors making their first-ever $100 sale, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

With bags full of veggies, chocolates, kombucha, and tamales, they made a feast of their evening. The beauty of giving and receiving knows no bounds. Even in a world wounded by turmoil, we find moments of wonder and delight.

Practicing acts of restoration is crucial to healing the fractures in our humanity, driven by our individualistic lifestyles. As the wise Robin Wall Kimmerer once said, we must learn to speak the language of moss on stone and dance with the monsters. 🌿

With heartfelt gratitude, we extend our gratitude to the Esquimalt Farmers Market for allowing us to infuse some magic into their space. ✨

Let's continue this incredible journey of spreading love, joy, and unity! If you feel moved by what you witnessed, and if equitable access to high quality locally grown food and locally made products is as important to you Community as it is to us.

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