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At the end of 2020 Iyé received funding from the Victoria Foundation Community Recovery Program (CRP) to carry out community-based research on how food insecurity impacts Black communities in Victoria have been increased by Covid-19 pandemic.  

Iyé has partnered with the Victoria Community Food Hub Society, the Urban Food Table, Good Food Leaders table, local farmers, and food providers to address lack of participation and contribution of racialized communities within the decision-making process in our Local Food System.

Iyé will be reaching out to individuals who identify as Black, and hearing their stories and experiences of Food Insecurity within Greater Victoria.


We ask individuals to reflect on their experiences of food security (or insecurity) and how it relates to immigration, health, housing, employment, income, and more. Answers to these questions will be used to inform the research and direction, and to understand contributed barriers to the health and wellness patterns of immigrants and newcomers to understand food access locally.  

Culturally Relevant Crops Reports

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