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Palenke Greens Workshop

Palenke Greens is a Burlap Sack Food Garden Project (BSFG) where we provide accessible training and educational tools for vertical growing systems to inspire communities to take back our agency of local food production. Understanding the whole cycle of growing food from seed to conservation in a new land amidst the challenges that our current society is facing.

Connect with the land,
and community

This project fosters collaborative efforts between community mobilizers, gardeners, urban farmners and community organizations. In order to raise our collective consciousness around food production is critically important to creating connections (to the land as well as to other community members), building stronger communities and nurturing the land.

Our initiative operates within the Ubuntu spirit of communal self-reliance and is devoted to community empowerment and resilience through the revitalization of land-based practices, food sovereignty, herbal medicine and community networking. This project aims to nurture skills and provide long-term gardening support which will provide people with food security for a lifetime. 

Our vision entails:

  • Fostering knowledge transfer that allows community members to understand how the engagement within oppressive systems create a lost in ancestral knowledge and reinforce disconnection to the lands we live on and food insecurity, 

  • Empowering immigrants, refugees, BIPOC and disenfranchised individuals and families who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis to learn about vertical growing systems,

  • Diversifying a plant-based diet through the self-production of vegetables,

  • Involving children and youth and giving them the tools for food sovereignty while increasing consciousness around nutritious foods, land-based practices, and the cultural significance of afro-indigenous regenerative agriculture.


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