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A fundamental part of Iyé Creative’s mission involves land-based learning to support ourselves and our community members in re-building and healing our relationships to land. Through the somatic experiences that smells, tastes, and feelings of harvesting and processing nutrient-dense food as a collective it activates the memory of the food ways of our ancestors.

We are offering a unique series of workshops, embodying ways of being where we can reimagine food systems built on foundations of equity, biodiversity, and abundance.

These events and the networks we’re building are medicine for the community to heal as a collective from engagement with harmful and oppressive systems. And, we can do so while having a lot of fun!

Together, we can be reminded by the ecological land stewardship in Coast Salish Territory of the importance of knowledge sharing & ancestral wisdom. These experiential, tactile learning opportunities re-awaken our blood memories and connection to our own cultural food ways, the land and its complex ecologies, and our ever-evolving communities.

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Stay tuned for workshops on…

  • Cooking traditional / ancestral foods

  • Gardening & growing food + garden & urban farm tours

  • Seed saving & plant propagation

  • Ecological land stewardship

  • Ethnocultural nutrition

  • Pregnancy/postpartum/parenthood nutrition & herbal support

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