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Talks & Workshops

By mobilizing the voices and stories of local Indigenous, Black, newcomers (immigrants & refugees), and other marginalized groups to centre them as key actors on re-engineering power structures are essential to confront the monumental challenges our communities are facing in the Capital Region. We diversify and rehumanize the conversation in the Lekwungen speaking territory food sovereignty movement while centering Indigenous restorative food justice.

Bringing community members to learn together about vertical growing systems by engaging, educating and empowering children, youth and community members.


Food Justice Advocacy

Systemic issues that reflect on us to come together as a whole to dismantle structural racism, white supremacy, and to make our soils conducive for life. In order to accomplish this in our current society, we require engagement strategies at the community, local, provincial and federal levels through a myriad of valid and vital avenues for change, including: direct action and service, midwifing sovereignty from systems of harm, healing and transformative justice, education, media-making, and collaborating with the earth towards resilience.


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