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Living in Liberation is a living story-telling docu-series, online educational platform, and a community-building project that intends to delve into how food and land relationships weave into health, community, culture, justice, and a global indigenous approach to the sacred. 


This project is creatively directed, designed, and produced by herbalist and impact-focused artist Jumana Risheq, a second-generation Palestinian refugee and first-generation Canadian immigrant who weaves the stories, voices, needs, and experiences of our communities are heard and integrated into tangible actions.


LiL rests on five ethical pillars; accessibility, inclusivity, community-led participatory film-making, and restorative justice. We aim to amplify womxn in creative positions, particularly in the field of impact-driven participatory film-making, to create an impact-driven participatory docu-series.

Through this documentary, we hold space for dialogue as a vehicle for amplifying indigenous, black, African-descent, and SWANA (Southwest Asian/North African) stories, voices, practices, and sovereignty in the food sovereignty and land sovereignty movement.

Land is Body Trailer

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