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The Palenke Produce Box (PPB) Initiative is a farm-fresh food box program sourced locally from Vancouver Island-based offering free fresh produce bi-weekly. This initiative is aimed at supporting our communities’ access to nutritious, fresh, and delicious food while also re-invigorating our connection to the lands we live on, our relationship to where our food is grown, the resilience of our communities, and the vitality of our bodies.

PPB 2022 Stats

  • Since January 2022 on a bi-weekly basis, we’ve been supporting 50+ families to access locally grown produce in the Victoria Capital Region District.

  • +2000 pounds of fresh and locally grown produce has been supported in partnership with South Island Farm Hub

  • +1000 pounds of fresh produce in partnership with the Good Food Box from Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group

Meet our Partners

The Palenke Produce Boxes have been supported with unconditional contributions of community organizations and volunteers.

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