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Food aid is not sustainable for our oppressed communities because it is built on the surplus of industrial food systems. Our consulting services supports specifically urban indigenous, Refugee and Immigrant newcomers, and PoC communities in the region considering these groups are disproportionately affected by Food injustice and Food Insecurity.

Vertical Growing

Facilitating the implementation of vertical growing systems to improve food production in households with a lack of space. With this, we offer:

  • Community mobilizing training 

  • Installation of vertical gardens

  • Post-distribution monitoring and follow up

By improving the dietary and nutritional intake of immigrant, refugee, and other oppressed households in the Capital Region we will intersect how food and land relationships weave into health, community, culture, justice.


Food Accessibility Project Design and Implementation

We have identified that in the Capital Region, there is a lack of long-term impact on the issue of food insecurity within immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities and other marginalized communities.  This systemic issue has become concerning. Thus, we believe that by working together with these communities we can start to address food access inequities, government intervention, in order to foster the investment in income security for low-income Canadians and ensuring progress on food insecurity is achieved equitably. 

We offer:

  • Listening to your focus area and dreaming of a solution

  • Crafting a solution that works

  • Working with you to devise a plan of effective execution 


Let's Work Together

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