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Accessibility Plan Launch!

📣 Exciting News! 🌱✨

We are thrilled to announce our new Accessibility Plan, aimed at fostering inclusivity and amplifying the voices of individuals with lived experiences. 🗣️🌍

At Iyé Creative, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to locally grown food, regardless of their background or circumstances. As part of our commitment to creating a more equitable food system, we are dedicated to supporting those who have historically been disconnected from the land and the benefits it provides.

Through our Accessibility Plan, we will actively seek out and engage with individuals who bring unique perspectives and lived experiences to the table. We want to ensure that their voices are heard and that they play an integral role in shaping our practices and initiatives. By centering their knowledge, wisdom, and insights, we can create a more inclusive and empowering community.

Furthermore, our plan emphasizes providing access to locally grown food for those who have faced systemic barriers. We recognize that certain communities have been disproportionately affected by limited access to fresh, nutritious ingredients. By working closely with local farmers, community organizations, and food justice initiatives, we aim to bridge these gaps and make healthy, sustainable food more accessible to all.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey towards a more equitable and connected food system. Together, we can build a community where everyone's voice is valued, and everyone has access to the nourishment and connection that locally grown food provides.

Join us in this important endeavor as we champion inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in every aspect of our work. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

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