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Food, Community, and Culture: Unveiling the Stories Behind Songsee and Jocelyn

Have you ever wondered how your favourite local dish finds its way onto your plate? Or how food entrepreneurs become cultural ambassadors, weaving together tradition and taste? Recall your visit to the Farmers Market. 

The Ways We Eat event recently hosted insightful interviews with Songsee from Bee Su Crafts and Jocelyn from Easy Vegan, two inspiring food entrepreneurs who embody the power of community cooperation.

These interviews offer a glimpse into the heart of what makes food businesses special. They're not just about deliciousness and profits, they're about connection, tradition, and fostering a vibrant community.

We encourage you to listen to the interviews and gain valuable insights into the world of food entrepreneurship.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

But the conversation doesn't stop there!

We believe that by working together, we can create even more accessible resources to empower food entrepreneurs.

Are you passionate about creating a thriving food scene in your community?

Do you have ideas or resources to share? We invite you to come on board! Let's build a network of support for food entrepreneurs who are enriching our lives with their cultural flavours.

Stay tuned for further updates on how you can get involved.

In the meantime, listen to the Songsee and Jocelyn's interviews and let the conversation about food, community, and culture continue!

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

To support these beautiful humans, you can find Songsee at the Esquimalt Farmers' Market, and Jocelyn through her website, Easy Vegan!

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