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Honouring the Resilience Women Entrepreneurs 🌟

Updated: May 3

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

In the heart of culinary innovation, we were graced the fiery love and unwavering dedication of women entrepreneurs who are not just putting food on the table, but weaving cultural narratives with every product they create. Their stories illuminate the intersection of passion, resilience, and cultural heritage.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

These visionary women shared their entrepreneurship journeys in a new land at The Ways We Eat III: Meet the Makers, showcasing the power of food to transcend borders and preserve traditions. With every word they shared, they identify as cultural ambassadors of their culture, infusing authenticity and love into every bite.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

Their presence at the event is a live testament to the strength and resilience of women in the food industry despite the lack of support but also how circular economy, and mutual aid models are key for our development. Through their art, these women not only nourish bodies but also uplift spirits, igniting innovation and solidarity across diverse communities.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

We must follow up and create reciprocal networks of support because we all know that when women and mothers are thriving, society flourishes in tandem, as their strength, wisdom, and nurturing care form the bedrock of our collective well-being. Let's celebrate these remarkable women and the indomitable spirit they bring to the table. Together, let's uplift their voices, honour their contributions, and continue supporting their culinary endeavours. 💫 

Thank you to the organizing team: Jess, Ruba, Razan, Linda

Thank you to all the women entrepreneurs:

  • Nelly - Researcher

  • Karina - @foodontherunmexicanfood

  • Lailaa - @layeredbylailaa

  • Songsee - @bee_su_crafts

  • Christen - @kidsistericecream

  • Blanca - Tamales Mexicano

  • Jocelyn -

  • Patricia - @limenacuisine

  • Danyelle - Camosun

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