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Visual Harvest: A Cultural Canvas for Empowerment with Mo Dawson

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

At The Ways We Eat III, Morrie Dawson illuminated the power of visual facilitation, transcending boundaries and amplifying the voices of food entrepreneurs worldwide. With precision and empathy, Mo skillfully navigated the complex landscape of the food industry, breaking down barriers and highlighting cultural richness.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

Mo is an indigenous graphic recorder based out of the beautiful unceded territory of the Lekwungen Peoples. He is Dzawada'enuxw from Gwa'yi (Kingcome Inlet, BC), and Gitxsan with roots to Gitanyow and Gitsegukla BC.

Mo's commitment to unity and empowerment was evident in every stroke of his pen. Through his visual storytelling, he not only shed light on the challenges faced by food entrepreneurs but also celebrated their resilience and cultural heritage. From showcasing indigenous foodways to championing underrepresented voices, Morrie's work resonated deeply with all who witnessed it.

As a visual facilitator, Mo brings a unique perspective rooted in tradition and innovation. He shared the underrepresentation of indigenous foodways in the local food system, which inspires us all to embrace diversity and honour the traditions while embracing the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

You can find Morrie Dawson's inspiring work and connect with him on his website or follow him on Linkedin

We are honoured to partner with Mo on this journey of unity and empowerment. Together, let's continue to celebrate cultural diversity, foster entrepreneurship, and create a brighter future for all. 🌱

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