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Jess Reyes Barton
Jan 29, 2021
For the last year we’ve been feeding and educating people on vertical growing methods, but we can see that it’s not sustainable with temporary locations. In order to continue on this path, our goal is to have a long-term physical space where we can train, educate, and build relations with the land. Our dream - to create The Palenke: a land-based cultural centre where we become a hub for learning, growth and healing for our community, prioritizing BIPOC voices to reconnect to our ancestral ways of knowing and being. How can we access land? What are the best solutions to make it happen? That’s why are opening the conversation up to you, our community - we want to hear from you about connections, alternatives, and solutions that you have in order to help create the Palenke Centre. Asé P.S. Here's an inspiring benchmark that motivates us to make our dream a reality - we envision recreating this here on the West Coast
Jess Reyes Barton

Jess Reyes Barton

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