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Seedling Distribution Day: A Celebration of Community and Growing!

Updated: Jun 4

On Saturday, William Stevenson Park bloomed with the joy of community gathering at our Seedling Distribution Day supported by the Get Growing Victoria, a beautiful program run by the City of Victoria. It was a day filled with lots of wind but it didn’t dim out the laughter, and the promise of vibrant gardens bursting with fresh produce this growing season.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

From young children enthusiastically to seasoned gardeners and farmers sharing tips, the atmosphere buzzed with a shared passion for growing. We set up a face painting station with our colouring book pages where Callaloo, Black-eyed peas and Collard greens plants were featured with their friends Froggy, Donkey-Di and Toto. These colouring pages were designed by the talented artist and illustrator, Razan, who has been a beautiful addition to the Iyé team over the last year. 

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

The International Women's Coop - a women led worker co op -  truly outdid themselves with a spread that was as delicious as it was diverse. From steaming samosas and pakoras to vibrant salad rolls, on top of the potluck plates brought by the community, every dish added a unique flavor to the celebration. Bows Coffee kept everyone energized with their perfectly brewed cups of joe, making it the perfect fuel for plant-picking adventures.

The highlight, of course, was the distribution of the seedlings themselves! The eager crowd happily picked their favourites, with folks new to gardening receiving helpful advice from Kat of Wild Embrace Farm. The communal spirit is alive as many plants were grown by community members and supporters like the butternut squash and calendula from Simona which were planted using the Ziploc bag tiny greenhouse method. Even curious passersby from the park couldn't resist the infectious energy, stopping by to learn more and grab some plant babies for themselves.

Sharing Seeds of Abundance wasn't just about handing out plants; it is about uplifting each other and mobilizing knowledge collectively, fostering a sense of community, teaching the youth, bringing people from diverse walks of life together and celebrating the simple joy of relating with one another and the teachings we receive from being in relationship with plants.

📷: Mohanned Ghadban

But the celebration didn't stop there! The uplifting joy of live music from Lelolai FAM, a music family collective that has been with us since the beginning of Palenke Greens, truly took the day to the next level. Their infectious energy had us all singing, dancing, and joining the show with the shakers they provided. It was a moment of pure, uninhibited fun that brought everyone together and added a layer of joy to the already vibrant atmosphere.

Big love to Kat, Hanna, Mel, and Tatiana from Wild Embrace Farm for their partnership in planning this event in detail and executing a seamless day of plant-based funk. 

We can't wait to see the vibrant gardens that will flourish across our city thanks to this event and the partnership from the City of Victoria’s Get Growing program. Here's to a bountiful harvest and a community that thrives on connection and shared passions!

See you at our next plant-based funky party.

Iyé Team

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