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Those Who Take Care of Us - Herbal Salve Workshop

Knowledge is the light that illuminates our path, and praxis is the shadow that proves the sun is shining.

Plant & herbal medicine has been critical in human understanding of land based connections since time immemorial. During this workshop, we learned and deepened our relationships with mostly locally grown plants, and how to turn them into a cost-effective topical medicine. All of our ancestors used some form of fat/oil + herbs for medicinal purposes, and culinary uses, so through this process, we were all able to connect with ancestral practices across our diverse cultural backgrounds.

Actions on behalf of life transforms. Andrea shared about her journey learning from plants for medicinal purposes, and many participants in the room also had prior experience working with plants (though not with salve-making). We worked with ingredients such as Arnica, a subalpine plant; plantain, a naturalized species that grows in lawns and the cracks of concrete; and yarrow, which is a native plant to these lands and is abundantly available and easy to grow.

Participants left with energy-infused salves with the intention that when we come together, we can intentionally change the vibration with which we live. While making our salves, we infused them with intentions of peace and healing. Andrea shared how olives would be harvested in Palestine at this time of year, and that olives are a symbol of peace - by using or consuming this oil with intention, we harness its capacity for fostering peace.

The process involves melting beeswax into infused herbal oils and adding essential oils at the end if desired. We made a Skin Healing Salve with Calendula, Yarrow, Plantain, and Lavender oils + Lavender essential oil. and a Pain Relief salve with Cayenne Pepper, Ginger root, and Arnica + Wintergreen essential oil.

The Herbal Salve Workshop was an incredible experience for the seniors and the youth to bridge intergenerational knowledge gaps. We also got to support a new local business, Gyrosa Greek Restaurant, who provided incredibly delicious and fresh Greek food, and received coffee generously donated by Caffe Fantastico. The materials were either donated or grown by Andrea, and the remaining materials came from Green Muse Herbs, who provided a discount in honour of the work we’re doing. We are so grateful to Andrea for sharing her knowledge and her wise spirit with us.

If you want to know more about the work Andrea does go to

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A hand holding two yarrow leaves
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

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